PSB in Australia is exclusively distributed and managed by Convoy International.

PSB Speakers

PSB Speakers is a true Canadian success story. Our loudspeakers and high performance headphones have earned an international reputation as one of the most accurate, natural, and balanced reproducers of musical sound you can buy. Led by world-renowned acoustics designer and PSB Founder, Paul Barton, the PSB team designs, develops and markets speakers for its loyal worldwide market of hi-fi speaker enthusiasts. With a regimented process of researching, voicing and testing speaker designs at the world-class facilities at the National Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada, PSB Speakers has build a solid reputation for creating speakers of unsurpassed performance and value.


PSB Australia is exclusively managed by Convoy International. Convoy was established in 1965, and is a leading consumer electronics company which shares its passion for sound by selecting authentic lifestyle audio brands, developing high value retail partnerships and providing unique customer experiences.

At Convoy, our core values are based around delivering world-leading value-for-money Consumer Electronics brands to our customers, through a high-calibre independent reseller network that is dedicated to meeting consumers’ needs. Our passionate people strive to fulfil Convoy’s goals of providing industry-best service, information, expertise and support. We strive to give our customers reason to view us as the best supplier in the C E field.

Convoy is based in Sydney with professional Area Managers throughout Australia providing product and sales service to our network of independent dealers. Providing quality after sales service is a vital part of the Convoy business through an Australia-wide network of Authorised Service Centres to assist consumers in the event of any unforeseen problem.

“However, providing high quality audio products and after sales service is only part of our business” says Convoy’s Managing Director, Geoff Matthews. “We understand the importance of being well informed when deciding to invest in Brands such as ours so we developed comprehensive on line resources for the Consumer and Dealer as well as providing the necessary technical product training to our Dealer network.” This website is the vehicle Convoy International uses to deliver important information and support to their Dealer network and customers alike on the latest developments of high end, audio/video and electronics industry in Australia.